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Taste of Paris at Grand Palais
17 May

Taste of Paris 2017

This weekend will be sweet or will not be! Taste of Paris returns to the Grand Palais from May 18th to 21st, 2017 and puts a veil of gluttony on the City! Taste of Paris is a popular event attracting an average of 30,000 visitors. On the program, great Parisian chefs, recipes, discoveries and sensory journey! And we tell you a little more about the event…


Several events rhythm Taste of Paris. First of all, Masterclasses, in which chefs whom you know all, produce dishes facing the public! For example, Pierre Marcolini and his passion for chocolate, or Clément Leroy, from the Auberge du Jeu de Paume.


The Chefs’ Secrets Workshop is often the occasion to realize a dream. Indeed, the public reaches the world of great chefs and fills up with tricks to repeat at home, without any moderation of course!


The Gourmet Market will be spread over 1000 square meters, just that! A huge hall dedicated to artisans and producers presenting their products. Jam, caviar, smoked salmon or olive oil, we discover, we taste and why not, we leave with a small basket!


Taste of Paris at Grand Palais

Taste of Paris at Grand Palais, from May 18 to 21, 2017

Cookery Workshop for Children is a moment of sharing but also of learning. Because our kids are as gourmet as passionate when we talk about the snack …


An Ephemeral Culinary Bookstore will be installed at the Grand Palais. Meetings, exchanges and dedications with among others, Christophe Adam, Jérémie Izarn and Pierre Cheucle.



Other animations like Illy, Universita del Caffè, if you dream to concoct the best coffee ever. Experts from the Italian house make the trip and explain how to best handle and realize this nectar. Express your chef is interested in pastry. Amateurs, if you want to manipulate utensils, take courses or simply delight you, you know where to go! The Senses Workshop also offers classes for adults or for parents and children.


In order to discover the event in its entirety, we invite you to visit the Official Website and take your tickets as soon as possible. A culinary event at the Grand Palais in the Capital of Gastronomy, you can not miss it!